IDE and SATA Hard Drives

Hard drive is the primary and often the largest, data storage hardware in a PC. It is a non-volatile storage device that stores digital data on rapidly moving platters with magnetic surfaces. A hard disk drive is also known as HDD, hard disk, fixed disk, fixed drive, fixed disk drive, etc.

IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics. The following IDE Hard Drives are available with us:

  • 2.5 IDE Hard Drive
  • 3.5 IDE Hard Drive
  • IDE Laptop Hard Drive

SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) has now replaced P-ATA (IDE) in consumer desktops and laptops. Sharpie supplies HDD on which you can trust in terms of performance, reliability and price. Sharpie provides storage solutions with consistent quality and performance-enhancing innovations produced using the most sophisticated manufacturing process. It has environment friendly products that consumes low power.

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