ECC Registered Memories

At Sharpie, we do our best to provide top-notch customer service. Sharpie is an excellent single source for all your memory needs. Sharpie supports many major systems and offers many different types of memory technologies such as memory for servers, desktops, telecommunication and network devices, workstations, printers, and even digital appliances.

Server memory is generally ECC Registered (buffered). There are extra chips on the module that provide error correction and data checking functions. It is easy to spot ECC Registered Server RAM by looking at the chips on the module.

There are two types ECC RAMs available:

  • ECC Unbuffered RAM
  • ECC Fully Buffered Server RAM

It can be confusing because server RAM is often referred to as simply "ECC RAM", but ECC unbuffered is not the same as ECC registered. If your machine uses DDR2, DDR, or SDRAM and requires ECC unbuffered memory, in most cases ECC registered is not compatible. Server motherboards that use DDR3 memory can often use either ECC unbuffered or ECC registered, however you cannot use both types in the same machine at the same time.

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