DDR2 SDRAM is a double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory interface. DDR2 allows higher bus speed and requires lower power by running the internal clock at half the speed of the data bus. The best-rated DDR2 memory modules are at least twice as fast as the best-rated DDR memory modules.

Sharpie are one of the trusted names in offering high quality rams. These products are manufactured from high quality material, which is in compliance with industry standards. Clients can avail these products in various specifications at nominal prices.

We deal branded memories like:

  • Samsung
  • Transcend
  • HP
  • Kingston
  • A-DATA
  • Crucial Technology

We can provide any client in any country DRAM memory products and is focused on upgrades for PCs & Compatible desktops, PC workstations, PC servers and PC notebooks.

Features of our product range:

  • Proper functioning
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Reliable performance
  • Damage free

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